When it comes to installing a lawn, there are many methods to choose from. You can opt for the traditional methods like hand seeding or sodding. But there is also an advanced method called hydro seeding. This involves the combination of healthy soil, seed, fertilizer, mulch and mixed into a hydro seeder tank. The result is thick slurry that’s applied to the surface of the lawn. Many people have testified that this method is actually better than the traditional ones, especially when it comes to cost and effectivity. If this sounds interesting to you, read more about the advantages of hydroseeding South Carolina 


1. Use and Versatility 

When it comes to installing or growing a lawn, hydro seeding is becoming popular now. It’s not just applicable to a home yard, but now it’s also used in different applications and jobsites. Some of the examples of these uses and sites are vegetation restoration, soil renovation, wildlife repair, hillside stabilization, airport dust control, parks, roadsides and erosion control. Hydro seeding is not just used on installing or making a permanent landscape or lawn. It’s also used as a temporary cover for dirt.  

This process is versatile, because you can mix and match different seed blends to accommodate the needs of the soil and of course to satisfy the goals of the clients. The hydro seeding slurry mixes are different in each job sites. Hydro seeding has the ability to seed wide and even hard to reach areas.  

2. Speed 

The sodding or hand seeding method might give you the instant lawn gratification, but hydro seeding will still beat the two when it comes to quality, cost, erosion and many more benefits. The hydro seeding process is actually faster and easier than other seeding methods. If the lawn is properly hydro seeded, the grass will start to grow after 7 days and is ready to be mowed after 3 weeks. The seed will show growth faster than the traditional methods. One example how easy this application is that an average sized lawn will take you half a day to complete, but hydro seeding will only take you an hour.  

3. Labor 

Another great thing about hydro seeding is that you will save a lot on manpower. In a typical application, less than 3 men are needed to finish a job that would originally take at least 6-7 workers. Installing a lawn is a labor intensive job, but it would only take you a faction of the labor and cost expenses if you do the hydro seeding process. Methods like hand seeding and sodding are physically demanding, but still won’t guarantee a flawless and consistent result.  

4. Water Retention 

If you’re asking about the best method for healthy and fast germination; we’d answer that it’s definitely hydro seeding. When it comes to water retention, hydro seeding is top notch. The water is slowly released to the root system together with the nutrients. It also replenishes itself constantly until the next rainfall comes.