Winter is probably a gardener’s worst nightmare or enemy. Because of the cold weather, you only can do little chores outside, nothing to plant too and no plants blossoms. It’s really difficult to find colors outside especially if everything is covered with snow. Fortunately, there are still trees that beautifully grow in the winter with some texture, color and height. It makes the winter livelier and prettier. We actually have a list for you about the best trees for winter interest.  

Winter Landscape

  • Evergreens 

Evergreen is the number 1 tree someone could think of about winter landscape interest. Why is this? In the North, conifers or evergreens retail their leaves or needles as it commonly known. They remain colorful despite the coldness of winter.  

When it comes to this tree species, most of us don’t think about the needle types they have. They are known to be diverse specie which makes the winter landscape awesome. There are actually different needle colors and shapes which makes it really pretty when snow is covering them. People’s favorite evergreen includes cedars because it has a beautiful display quality and architecture when it’s winter. Spruces and firs are also used as Christmas trees. They can be very big so trimming will be needed you might want to consult best tree care in Spokane WA. 

  • Deciduous Tree 

Deciduous tree are originally not considered as a winter landscape interest but the smart ones add beauty to your place. You should look at its branch architecture with cluster of fine and dense branches are beautiful especially during winter. If you look closely at it, they look like sculptures. To decide for a winter landscape interest, consider the texture and bark colors as factors.  

You can pick the Osage orange for its branches. The ginkgo has really lovely leaves all throughout. Japanese maple has also architectural features especially if you’re looking for smaller trees. Birch trees are also good because of their texture and color. Hawthorn and Holly have interesting fruit during winter season which gives extra beauty to landscape interest.  

Pro Tips:  

Planting a tree for winter landscape is not easy, while doing it you should make sure nothing blocks your view or you can plant the trees where the spot has a lovely winter view. Before you start planting and investing on trees, consider the site suitability, mature size and location. The trees should complement well with the landscape however you should also consider the tree species that suits your available space and climate.  

It’s not easy to find the perfect tree for your location. Others want to prioritize fall color, winter interest, bark or interesting fruit. It’s rare to find a specific tree that is a complete package. Be open-minded when taking these things to considerations. If the specie you selected for winter interest doesn’t fit with the location or weather, look for another tree that suits them best. You won’t want a dead tree during the season you want it most beautiful right?